Just The Way You Are

the way you are

You are not your height or the clothes you wear,

You are not your size or the perfume you wear,

You are not the color of your hair or make up,

And you are not just the money in your bank account. Continue reading


The Mind Of A Negative Thinker

devian art

I feel as if the walls of my mind are closing inside of me,

At this point I’m expecting the worst from life.

My world is tearing apart and I can’t even find a rock to grab a hold of,

I don’t want to lose hope but my weakness limits me,

I face a lot of cynicism and I don’t know what to do. Continue reading

A Beautiful Thinking


Hello everyone… welcome to my blog! I’m so glad I finally got to write my first post on my diary blog because it was quite demanding and I was completely nervous about it. I’m sure y’all wondering what this is all about but trust me this blog is gonna WOW you in just a matter of time. And just in case you don’t know me, here is what you should know; Continue reading