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Just The Way You Are

the way you are

You are not your height or the clothes you wear,

You are not your size or the perfume you wear,

You are not the color of your hair or make up,

And you are not just the money in your bank account.

You are created in God’s image,

You are here on a purpose for a purpose,

You are the words you speak and the books you read,

You are the things that you believe in and the songs you sing,

You are the places you’ve been to and the future you dream of.

You are not just defined by the things you are not,

So what does it matter what others think?

You were born to make a difference,

So why try to please everyone else?

When all you have to do is be yourself.

It seems you forgot who you are and who you are not,

Why compare yourself to what you think you should be?

You are the most amazing being to walk on this earth.

Your face, your eyes, your nose, no one else has it.

You are one of a kind, so special and distinctively unique,

Everything is perfectly finished by your maker.

Forget about all your imperfections and what you are now,

Look in the mirror and accept yourself the way you are,

Be the best you want to be and be the change you want to see.

Because you are made of so much beauty,

And it’s not just about your outward appearance,

Nor the pimples on your face or scars on your body,

You worth so much more because God loves you,

And you are fine just the way you are.

The Mind Of A Negative Thinker

devian art

I feel as if the walls of my mind are closing inside of me,

At this point I’m expecting the worst from life.

My world is tearing apart and I can’t even find a rock to grab a hold of,

I don’t want to lose hope but my weakness limits me,

I face a lot of cynicism and I don’t know what to do.

Don’t tell me to calm down because I am not at peace,

Help me i want to break free from this wall.

Things seem so unclear to me and I am not sure where I stand,

I don’t even know if I would make it out of there.

What if things don’t work out as planned?

What if the people out there don’t accept me?

What if I am not good enough?

I look into the mirror and i embrace every meaning of instability,

I can’t even challenge the obstacle placed on my way.

I am locked up in this prison of negativity,

Enchanted with fear and uncertainty,

My head is spinning and my soul needs to be freed,

Please free my mind and don’t let me get drowned.


Photo credit: Devian Art




My Light In The Darkness


Sometimes I think about where God brought me from,

Those hard battles I just had to fight,

The good and the bad days of my life,

And I am super amazed at what God has done for me.

I remember how many countless times,

I stumbled and made mistakes ,

While trying to figure out life on my own,

The days I would feel lost and shattered,

And would just want to give up.

There were days I couldn’t even love myself,

And there were days I felt I was going nowhere far,

Because the voices in my head,

Kept holding me back.

Those days I have had to cry so much,

And the days I would laugh it out too,

Although with so much pain in my heart,

A part of me just wanted something more.

All I see is His light shining through for me,

God has brought me a mighty long way,

And in his light I keep seeing the light.


Oh how you turned my life around,

You moved me from grass to grace,

From darkness to light,

From hopelessness to hope,

From sorrow to joy,

From nothing to something,

And from Glory to Glory.

In a world filled with so much negativity,

You have been my vibe positively,

My shield and exceedingly great reward,

That’s why I call you my light in the darkness,

Because I don’t know how but you made a way.


You loved me when nothing seemed good around me,

You kept me when no one else could (not even my parents),

You were there for me when there was nobody,

How else can I thank you Lord?

How can I love you more?

Thank you for being a good God,

Thank you so much for being my everything.



A Beautiful Thinking


Hello everyone… welcome to my blog! I am so glad i finally got to write my first post on this blog because it was a bit demanding and i was completely nervous about it. I’m sure y’all wondering what this is all about but trust me this blog is gonna WOW you in just a matter of time. And just in case you don’t know me, here is a brief introduction about me;

My name is Naomi Destiny David and i love creating words with pen and paper which certainly means i’m a writer. I am a not too tall very young girl, a media enthusiast and an inspirational blogger. Although i have been writing and blogging for a while now on another platform, i have also been building a career in writing that will not just take me from script to screen but enable me build a Godly empire.

For my love for accountability and accuracy i studied Accounting in the northern part of Nigeria. I love networking and sharing resources. I also dream a lot and i fantasize so much about a very beautiful future inside my head. I love the woman God is making me become and i sincerely have a passion for inspiring young ones unto their own gifts because i believe we all got the ability and potential to change the world.

So this is just a blog consisting of many beautiful inspiring thoughts which was why i gave it the name Eunonia. Here you will find pieces of my life (goals, lessons, experiences, advises, quotes, book reviews, thoughts on issues, how to’s, tips, couple of interviews, style, etc.). I consider myself a shooting star and i deeply hope this blog will bless your life.